Our G12 Roots

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Our G12 roots stemmed from the seed sown by the international networks of G12 under Ptr. Cesar Castellanos.  We first heard of it when Ptr. Larseric Sjolen, our JCSGO Brisbane Pastor went home to the Phillipines with a video copy of a G12 teaching more than 5 years ago. But it was only in mid 2004 when Bishop Jonathan and Ptra.Vicky together with our Regional Overseers were able to review it.  The vision of the Government of Twelve was officially launched to the whole community of JCSGO during the occasion of the 25th Anniversary in October 2005.

It’s worthnoting for all of us to learn some background information about the G12 vision and how it all started.  Ptr. Cesar Castellanos developed the G12 strategy after visiting the Yoido Full Gospel Church pastored by Ptr. David Yonggi Cho in South Korea.  With the revelation that God had spoken to him while he was in South Korea, Ptr. Cesar subsequently formed his church into groups of 12.  From 1991 to 1994 his church grew from 70 to 1,200 members. Between 1994 and 1999 the church grew to 20,000 cells with a regular weekly church celebration of 45,000 people. Soon they lost track of numbers and began to count in cell groups.

In the year 2000 church leaders around the world started to seek and inquire about the vision.  They travelled to Misión Carismática Internacional in Bogota, Colombia where Ptr. Cesar and his wife Claudia were pastoring their growing church. In the following years, Ptr. Cesar Castellanos was able to form an international group of 12 that evolved into a global movement of bringing the multitude of harvest to the Kingdom of God.

G12 Asia which is spearheaded by Apostle Lawrence Khong had been the cradle for G12 equipping in Asia.  JCSGO has been participating in its International Conferences held in Singapore since 2005-2008.  During the course of our JCSGO transition, Rev. Simon Yee of the Faith Baptist Community Church (FCBC) in Singapore strategically placed JCSGO under his mentorship.  Meanwhile, another local church in the Philippines likewise helped in coaching JCSGO to reinforce the vision.  Ptr. Oriel Balano of the Doulos for Christ Ministry faithfully included JCSGO in his local training that soon paved way to our immediate understanding of G12.

In 2007, G12 Philippines Network was formed by Ptr. Cesar Castellanos himself on the occasion of the 1st G12 Philippine Conference held in November 2007 at the Cuneta Astrodome where our very own Bishop Jonathan and Ptra Vicky Sebastian were chosen to be among Ptr. Cesar’s twelve in the Philippines.  Ptr. Rich Witmer of the Generation Church in Arizona, USA was hailed as Philippine Coordinator.  The official G12 Philippnes Network under Ptr. Cesar Castellanos were Ptr. Felix Labang of Cavite Community Church (Cavite), Ptr. Oriel Balano of Doulos for Christ World Harvest (Manila), Ptr. Carlo Panlilio of Destiny Ministries International (Quezon City), Ptr. Rafy Panlilio of Grace Testament Church (Caloocan), Ptr. Frank Santos of Tarlac First Baptist Church (Tarlac), Ptr. Jonathan Sebastian of Jesus Christ Saves Global Outreach (Quezon City), Ptr. Alvin Venzon of United Christian Church (Bataan), Ptr. Carlos Muncada Jr. of Jesus is Lord (Cebu), Ptr. Noli Opiniano of Nordic Harvest Bible Community (Tacloban), Ptr. Noel Alkuino of Lord of the Harvest Christian Community (Davao), Ptr. Ruffy Lagat of Buhangin Community Church (Davao) and Ptr. Herley Montes of Household of Faith Family Center (Davao).

After a year of networking with the G12 Philippines’ churches, JCSGO community has been fired up to engage in the vision by aiming its entire congregation to become disciple makers.  We are hopeful that all these disciples will also embrace the vision in their heart so that it will be used by God to usher the innumerable harvests to the Kingdom of God.